Common Questions and Answers

Q: How do I clean the Shape Right?

A: For Older Shape Right Version: You can wash it in commercial or regular laundry in the laundry bag provided. FOR NEW SHAPE RIGHT WITH RMOVEABLE COVERS: Simply, remove the cotton cover and launder. Wipe down the inner vinyl Shape Right with any disinfectant wipe you use on the unit.

Q: Can the Shape Right System be used for multiple patients?

A: The Shape Right CAN be used for multiple patients! The removeable covers allow the Shape Right to last for many years BOTH for general positioning and head shaping. Our low cost is unmatched because we are passionate about positioning and head shaping!

Q: Isn't a head shape deformity a cosmetic concern only?

A: Originally, it was thought that a head shape deformity was only a cosmetic concern but current research suggests that it is associated with various cognitive and motor delays.

Q: Do I need different sizes of the Shape Right System depending on infant size/age?

A: NO! That is one of the best qualities of the Shape Right System-it is ONE system that is used for the micro-preemie up to 6 months old!!! ONE SYSTEM FOR ALL NEEDS!

Q: How do I measure for a head shape deformity?

A: Ideally, a therapist would use a craniometer to measure both scaphocephaly and plagiocephaly. The craniometer we use was $40 US dollars and has been outstanding in terms of objective and accurate measurements. Before we had the craniometer, the infant’s head was measured using the measuring tape at the bedside. An infant’s head is ideally 1/3 longer than it is wide. The width is measured across the widest part of the head, typically 1/2 way between the infant's temples and top of ears. The length is measured from between the eyes to the farthest part of the back of the head. Again, it is best to use a craniometer. You can visit for pictures of the craniometer and measuring with it.


  • Do not place weight of any part of The Shape Right System on a micro-preemie. If the infant is under 3lbs., be very cautious of placing any positioning device on the infant.
  • The Shape Right System is never to be used in an OPEN CRIB after discharge home. If the infant is going home with The Shape Right System, parents/caregivers may use the Shape Right when the infant is in the bouncy or swing or similar device with the parent present.
  • The Shape Right System is to be used as a system not as parts for proper positioning and head shaping.